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Micro-Controllers: We offer products for the Arduino family and the PIC family of Microcontrollers. Our logic-controlled devices can be driven by most microcontrollers available.

Our latest category is our "Man Cave". In here, you will find cool items to put in your Man Cave. We can also customize any of our products to fit your needs.

Our Arduino section has grown tremendously. We have the Uno, Pro-Mini, Nano, Leonardo, Mega2560, and the Due. We have new Shields and dozens of new sensors and modules.



We have just designed 3 brand new BLUETOOTH kits and they are fantastic. You can find them in the Arduino category.

We have just received our latest batch of NEW DESIGN Kits, check them out in the "NEW KITS" section. These include:

LED Hangman

QRP Pixie CW 40-Meters Transceiver

LED Space Invaders, and more.

We are supporters of the "Maker Movement" and provide products to encourage Electronic Hobby Kit building.

CONGRATULATIONS to Augie, our Manager, on getting his Ham Radio License, KN4GXY, and getting a brand new daugther. 

Yes, we are now offering kits suitable for Clubs and Classrooms. Check out the "Club/Group Kits" Product Category. Great kits at a discounted group price. We have provided products to several differemt STEM educational groups.

The hamfest in Ocala, Fl, was a great success and we enjoyed seeing our old friends and met some new ones. We plan on attending as many Hamfests as possible in and around the SouthEast. 

Our Solderless Breadboard & LM555 Timer Projects Kit was reviewed in the Amateur Radio CQ Magazine. Thanks, Joe E.

QRP Pixie CW Transceiver Kit - our newest kit for Ham Radio enthusiasts.

Check out our new LED Tester in the LED Project Kits category.

 KIT APPLICATIONS is our newest category. This is where you can find specific uses for our kits. We can also post your specific application. Let us know.

With very few exceptions, all of our kits are AMERICAN made. We design them, we test them, and we kit them here in Ocala, Florida.

YOUTUBE: We have over 35 videos showing how some of our kits work. Type "vakits.com" when in youtube. Please subscribe to get the latest tutorials and releases.

We are heavily into the Arduino. We are offering our own Shields and Engineering Kits. The code for all of our projects are located in the ARDUINO CODE tab. Use freely. Let us know of new applications and we may post your code there also.

We have created a 22-page PDF document that can be used with all of our kits. It is a detailed introduction to component identification, schematic reading, and kit assembly. It is designed for beginners, but everyone can benefit from it. Click here: General Instructions

We have moved into a new Retail Store in Ocala, Fl. All of our kits and components will be available. Come check us out. We are located in the Jasmine Plaza on HWY 200 behind the DMV. The sign above our door says "ELECTRONIC HOBBY".  Address and hours are below.

We have now gone RETAIL. Our electronic kits are now available in your local Electronics/Hobby shops across the States. Urge your local shop to call us for details on becoming a NightFire Dealer. We are inviting brick-and-mortar Retailers to carry our kits in their stores. Check out the "Dealers" tab above for details.

We have a new phone number: 352-300-3548.

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