About NightFire Electronics

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6158 SW SR.200 Suite 208 Ocala, FL 34476

NightFire Electronics was founded by an Electronic Engineer to be a source where other Electronic Engineers, Technicians, Hobbyists, Teachers, Students, and anybody else could get a useful assortment of SMT & Thru-Hole components at a reasonable cost. Along the way, we decided to design our own PCB circuits and now offer them at a great price. Our goal then, and still is today, is to put together a meaningful collection of electronic kits made of passive parts centered on an active component and offer it at a great price. We have been doing just that since October 2000.

NightFire has identified several main product areas to offer service:
1. Active Parts Kits - These hobby kits consist of a main active component, such as an Op Amp or Transistor, and combine it with a number of resistors, capacitors, inductors, LEDS, or other active components and a bunch of passive parts. Our initial oferrings were Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components & electronic kits, but we have since included Thru-Hole components as well. The variety of different passive values assures a well-rounded selection of useful parts that support the active component. We currently offer over 250 such kits and the list grows as new active parts become available.

2. Passive Parts Kits - These kits consist of a generous selection of resistors, capacitors, and/or inductors in a number of different, practical combinations. We offer SMT and Thru-Hole components. With these selections, now you can get just the right range of components that you need without having to buy the entire selection. Different component packages, such as 1206, 0805, and 0603, are also offered in various combinations. We currently offer over 30 such kits and the list grows almost daily.

3. Engineering PCB Kits - These kits were developed to assist the Engineer, Technician, Hobbyist, and Student in prototyping work. These circuits, in SMT or Thru-Hole, can be used as building blocks or can be used as stand-alone circuits. The original offerings were developed by us and included such generic circuits as fundamental Op Amp Amplifiers & Filters and Timer circuits in the Astable/Monostable modes. The flexibility of these circuits are limitless.  The time saved in using a well-developed PCB as a building block is worth much more than the cost of the PCB. New circuits will be added on a regular basis.

4. Fun Project Kits - This series of electronic kits includes a wide number of the popular fun kits to build and enjoy. These kits are available in SMT and Thru-Hole. The designs are all developed by NightFire and have been designed for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced individuals. These kits include such fun projects like the Headphone Amplifiers, Police Siren Kit, the LED Flasher Kit, and more. We will be adding new kits on a regular basis.

5. Bargains and Specials - These limited quantity offerings are for bargain hunters. They vary from Flame-Proof Resistors to complete Power Supplies and lots of parts in between. This list will change weekly. It is a great place to get great parts at very low prices.

6. Microprocessor Support - We now provide electronic kits for the Arduino family and for the PIC family of micro-processors.

Oftentimes a partial SMT Resistor Kit or partial SMT Capacitor Kit is all that is needed for just some of the lower values. We offer such kits. Our kits are meaningful and affordable.

The mission at NightFire is to continue to develop and offer Engineering Kits, Electronic Kits, and Hobby Kits at reasonable prices. Email or call us with any suggestions for kits you would like to see.