0805 SMT Resistor Mid2-Range Kit

0805 SMT Resistor Mid2-Range Kit
Price: $8.50

This 0805 SMT Resistor Kit includes 40 different values in the resistance range of 3.3K Ω to 180K Ω. Each resistor value comes in a 25-piece tape which has each individual resistor marked with the standard 3-digit resistance code. This kit is the third of 4 kits that cover the full range of 5% Carbon Film SMT Resistor values available.

This kit is designed as a "low cost refill" kit for those that already have the semiconductors and ICs. Use them for prototyping or circuit repair. You get the following:

0805 SMT Resistor - Mid2-Range Kit
Carbon Film - 5%
3.3K Ω 3.6K Ω 3.9K Ω 4.3K Ω 4.7K Ω 5.1K Ω 5.6K Ω 6.2K Ω
--- 7.5K Ω 8.2K Ω 9.1K Ω 10K Ω 11K Ω 12K Ω 13K Ω
15K Ω 16K Ω 18K Ω 20K Ω 22K Ω 24K Ω 27K Ω 30K Ω
33K Ω 36K Ω --- 43K Ω 47K Ω 51K Ω 56K Ω 62K Ω
68K Ω 75K Ω --- 91K Ω 100K Ω 110K Ω 120K Ω 130K Ω
150K Ω 160K Ω 180K Ω ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------