2 Watt Guitar Amplifier Kit
2 Watt Guitar Amplifier Kit
Price: $12.99

This is the  2 watt Guitar Amplifier Kit. This is a fun and easy kit to build. It uses an TBA 820 Audio Amplifier IC to amplify an Electric Guitar input and will drive a set of Headphones or it can directly drive a speaker. It has a Volume and Tone control for a nice sound. 

The PCB is double-sided, plated thru-holes, 1.20" long x 2.20" wide made of .062" FR-4 epoxy glass with 1-oz copper. It has green Solder Mask (LPI) on both sides with white Silk Screen on the Top side. It includes two mounting holes.

This kit is also offered with a "Built & Tested" option for those that do not want to build the kit themselves.

It can run off a 9v battery, but does better with 12vdc. It has a 1/4" Phono Jack (female) to fit a Guitar cable (male) and a 2-pin screw Terminal for the power input and a 1/4 inch phono jack for the speaker output. This kit does not include the tools you will need to assemble the circuit. You will need tools such as a soldering iron, solder, wire cutters, etc.

You will get all of the components, including the PCB and Schematics. Below is a detailed introduction to component identification and kit assembly. Altoids container not included