Dual DC Power Supply Kit: 9vdc @ 1A & 12vdc @ 1A (#7448)

Dual DC Power Supply: 9vdc @ 1.5A & 12vdc @ 1.5v (#7409)9
Dual DC Power Supply: 9vdc @ 1.5A & 12vdc @ 1.5v (#7409)Dual DC Power Supply: 9vdc @ 1.5A & 12vdc @ 1.5v (#7409)
Price: $12.99

Dual DC Power Supply: 9vdc @ 1A & 12vdc @ 1A (#7448)

The circuit is a standard step-down, full-wave bridge-rectified (3-Amp), capacitor-filtered, with two independent, discreet, Linear Voltage Regulators. It uses two 78XX Voltage Regulator ICs which are rated for over 1 Amp each. It also has an LED for each Voltage Regulator to indicate a valid output voltage. Each output voltage is totally independent of each other. 

The circuit can accept low-voltage AC or DC inputs. Maximum AC input voltage is 18VAC and maximum DC input voltage is 24VDC. Do not connect this directly to the 120VAC power line. The bridge rectifier can be bypassed if you are connecting DC to the inputs. A heatsink may be required if the Voltage Regulator gets very hot during normal use. It uses 2-pin Screw Terminals for the Input and the two Outputs.

The Kit is also available as a "Built & Tested" for those that do not want to build the kit themselves. We also offer other voltage combinations.

The PCB is 2.6" x 1.9" and is made of .062", FR-4 Epoxy-Glass. It is double-sided with Plated-Thru-Holes, 1ounce Copper, and Silk Screen on the Top side. It has 4 mounting holes. The circuit is 1.1" high from the bottom of the PCB to the top of the Filter Cap.