Dual Op Amp Tester Kit (#6783)

Dual Op Amp Tester Kit
Dual Op Amp Tester KitDual Op Amp Tester Kit
Price: $14.99

Dual Op Amp Tester Kit

This kit will allow you to plug in an 8-Pin Dual Op Amp IC and see if it will oscillate. The circuit is comprised of a split-power supply to generate + and - voltages to power the Op Amp in an oscillator configuration. The output of the Op Amp proides positve and negative voltages that drive RED and GREEN LEDs. If an LED does not come on or the circuit will not oscillate or if an LED stays on, then the Op Amp is bad. If they alternately come on & off, the the Op Amp is good.

A ZIF socket is used so you can easily install and remove the Op Amp. This will work with many Op Amps that have the same pinout as the LM1458, LM358, etc.

The PCB is 3.5" x 2" with 4 mounting holes. FR4 expoxy glass, 0.063", double-sided, plated thru-holes, solder mask with silk screening.

This is a kit and you will need common solder tools and supplies to assemble it. We also offer a Built & Tested version for those that do not build it themselves. There is a free, 22-page Genral Instructions PDF available on this home page that is great for beginners on how to identify electronic parts and how to read schematics.



Here is a youtube video of the unit working.