E12 Series - 0603 SMT Resistor Kit

E12 Series - 0603 SMT Resistor Kit
Price: $14.99

The E12 series was developed so there are 12 resistor values spaced exponentially across each power of 10. This is the most popular series of resistor values that Engineers and Technicians would use to assure that they would have the most probable value for normal usage.

This Engineering Resistor Kit contains all of the 61 values in the E12 resistor series.

Each resistor value is factory labeled with the resistance value. Use them for prototyping or circuit repair. You get the following:

E12 Series
SMT 0603 - Thick-Film - 5%

10 Ω 100 Ω 1.0K Ω 10K Ω 100K Ω 1.0M Ω
12 Ω 120 Ω 1.2K Ω 12K Ω 120K Ω ----------
15 Ω 150Ω 1.5K Ω 15K Ω 150K Ω ----------
18 Ω 180 Ω 1.8K Ω 18K Ω 180K Ω ----------
22 Ω 220 Ω 2.2K Ω 22K Ω 220K Ω ----------
27 Ω 270 Ω 2.7K Ω 27K Ω 270K Ω ----------
33 Ω 330 Ω 3.3K Ω 33K Ω 330K Ω ----------
39 Ω 390 Ω 3.9K Ω 39K Ω 390K Ω ----------
47 Ω 470 Ω 4.7K Ω 47K Ω 470K Ω ----------
56 Ω 560 Ω 5.6K Ω 56K Ω 560K Ω ----------
68 Ω 680 Ω 6.8K Ω 68K Ω 680K Ω ----------
82 Ω 820 Ω 8.2K Ω 82K Ω 820K Ω ----------