LED Hangman Word-Game Kit (#6661)

LED Hangman Word-Game Kit
LED Hangman Word-Game Kit
Price: $15.99

This is the LED Hangman Word-Game Kit. It is a fun kit to make AND to use. Instead of drawing up the hangman, use this neat PCB game instead. 

It has an Easy mode and a Hard mode. Easy mode will allow 11 attemps to guess a letter, while Hard mode will only allow 8 guesses. If the maximum number of attempts is reached, the man is hanged and flashes until the game is reset. 

A little black shorting jumper is used to select between Easy and Hard mode. It also has a reset button and the game can be reset at any time.

This kit is also offered as a Built & Tested for those that do not want to build the kit themselves. 

The PCB is 5.5" tall and 2" wide with 5mm (T 1 3/4) LEDs.