LED Police Christmas Tree Kit (#7533)

LED Christmas Kit - 5mm
Price: $10.00

This is the LED POLICE Christmas Tree Kit. This is a neat circuit that lights up 12 Dual-color Flashing RED & BLUE LEDs.

The Resistors are laid out to look light Christmas Tree decorations. The flashing display is random and looks great. It uses a 9v battery.

This is an easy kit to make and good for early learners.

A video of the unit in action can be found on our youtube channel (vakits.com) showing this same circuit. 

You can remote the LEDs to get your own special effects.

This kit is also offered with a "Built & Tested" option for those that do not want to build the kit themselves.

The PCB is double-sided, plated thru-hole, 3.50" wide x 3.5" tall made of .062" FR-4 epoxy glass. It has green Solder Mask (LPI) on both sides with white Silk Screen on the Top and Bottom side. This kit does not include the tools you will need to assemble the circuit. You will need tools such as a soldering iron, solder, wire cutters, etc.