Light Sensitive Alarm Kit (#6787)

Light Sensitive Alarm Kit
Price: $14.99

Light Sensitive Alram Kit.

This kit will allow you to have a light sensitive LDR that will trigger an Alarm. Sensitivity can be adjusted for different lightings and the alarm has a volume, tone and rate adjustment that lets you customize how you wan the alarm to sound.

The PCB is 3" x 2.5" with 4 mounting holes. FR4 expoxy glass, 0.063", double-sided, plated thru-holes, solder mask with silk screening.

This is a kit and you will need common solder tools and supplies to assemble it. We also offer a Built & Tested version for those that do not build it themselves. There is a free, 22-page Genral Instructions PDFavailable on this home page that is great for beginners on how to identify electronic parts and how to read schematics.



Here is a youtube video of the unit working. In the video I am shining a flashlight at the device taht triggers the alarm to sound off.