Timer Projects Kit with Solderless Breadboard & Book (#7369)

Timer Projects Kit #1 with Solderless Breadboard & Projects Book
Timer Projects Kit #1 with Solderless Breadboard & Projects Book
Price: $49.99

This Electronic Hobby Kit has been designed for using the Solderless Breadboard (SBB) with the very popular LM555 Timer IC in numerous projects. There are a total of 23 fun projects that range from LED drivers to Sirens, with a wide selection of projects inbetween. The projects also range from easy to put together for beginners, to more complex, multi-chip projects for more experienced individuals.

Each project uses the LM555 Timer IC and some projects use more than one. Each project has been built & tested in our lab and each schematic has been triple-checked for accuracy. We did not originally design every project, but we tested and modified each one to fit our way of doing things. For example, we use bypass capacitors on our power lines for cleaner power and pin 5 is bypassed when not in use. It just makes things better.

Each project includes a full-page size schematic and a brief explanation of how it works. Most of the projects can be modified for different effects by changing some of the component values.

There are two blank prototyping PCBs included so that you can transfer a design you like from the SBB to a permanent PCB. These are the same blank Prototyping PCBs we offer on our website. Each blank PCB has 162-Plated-Thru-Holes, double-sided, .062” and has 4 mounting holes. They are 1.0” x 2.0”.

Even though the Solderless Breadboard does not require any soldering, you may still need to add some wire leads to some of the components so that they may better fit on the SBB. For example: Potentiometers & Speakers need to have wire leads soldered so that they can fit in the SBB.

The following tools may be required to complete the projects. • soldering iron • solder • wire cutters • wire strippers • needle-nose pliers • voltmeter. Tools are not included.

The Solderless Breadboard contains a total of 830 tie-points. Of which 630 tie-points are in the IC circuit area and there are four rows of 50 tie-point distribution strips providing 4 power rails. It can accept wire sizes from 21 AWG to 26 AWG. The contacts are rated for a maximum of 36 volts, 2 Amps. The included wire is 26 AWG single-strand wires of various colors. These need to be cut to size and each end stripped of insulation for each project. You may use existing wires from other SBB Wire kits if you have them.

This kit includes a 36-page book with circuit descriptions of each project that includes assembly notes and variations. Each schematic is a full-blown page by itself so it can be used to build the circuits. It includes a very useful section of HINTs to use in your projects and it also includes a pictorial Pin Identification section. You also get a colorful Resistor Color Chart card.

This collection of LM555 Projects includes all of the components to build all 23 of the kits, but not all at the same time. The B.O.M. (Bill Of Material) has a list of all that is included. You will get enough components to build several kits at the same time. There are also plenty of extra components so that you can experiment with the circuits. This kit has almost 500 components total.