Piezo Siren Solderless Breadboard Kit

Piezo Siren Solderless Breadboard Kit
Piezo Siren Solderless Breadboard Kit
Price: $15.99

This is one of a series of Solderless Breadboard Kits that have been designed for a specific circuit. This one is for a 100dB Piezo Siren. This circuit can produce a 100dB ear-piercing sound when built right. If more than one is located in the same room, it is very difficult to tell where the sound is coming from.

This circuit has been designed around the LM555 Timer IC and is for experimenters who can read a schematic, there are no specific instructions for the layout.

Assembly Notes: Place the Piezo as close as possible to the Inductor. Place the output Transistor close to the Inductor.

Variations: You can put a switch in series with the power lead for an On/Off switch. Change C1 to change the tone, try doubling the value of C1 for a lower tone.

You will get all of the components to build the circuit, plus a Solderless Breadboard with wires, AND you will get a 162-Hole Prototype PCB so that after you breadboard the ciruit, you can build a permanent version.

You will need tools, such as wire cutters, soldering iron, solder, etc. This circuit will run off a 9v battery which is not supplied.