Switchable Power Supply 2 Amps (#5626)

Power Transistor Switch w/ Adj ON/OFF Times, 2 Amps (#5626)
Power Transistor Switch w/ Adj ON/OFF Times, 2 Amps (#5626)Timer with Adjustable Start & Stop Time, 12v Relay (#1118)
Price: $12.99

Power Switch with Adjustable On & Off Times, 2 Amps

This is a microprocessor-controlled PNP Power Transistor Switch. It will accept a DC Voltage from a power supply and will pass it thru to the output. The microprocessor will control how long the power switch is ON and how long it is OFF.

The Power Transistor is rated for 2 Amps of continuous duty with a DC Voltage input from 5vdc to 20vdc.

The ON and OFF times are adjustable via two independent variable controls. The times are adjustable from 2 seconds up to 4 minutes. This means that you can have it ON for 3 minutes and OFF for 1 minute and it will continue to cycle this way. The time adjustments can be made at any time while the device is powered.

For those with Microchip PIC programming experience, the PIC12F510 may be removed and re-programmed as desired. There are two DIP Switches on board that are available for programming.

There is a LED on board that comes on whenever the Power Transistor comes on.   There is an on-board Voltage Regulator (5v) for the PIC microprocessor.

The kit is also offered as a "Built & Tested" for those that do not want to build it themselves.

The PCB is 2.0" x 2.5", made out of .062", FR-4, 2-Layer, 1-ounce copper.